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Weather Conditions - School Closure on Friday 2nd March 2018

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Thursday 1st March 2018 UPDATE


Dear Parents and Carers


We have taken the difficult decision to remain closed on Friday 2nd March.  Closing the school is a difficult decision and not one taken lightly.  We are fully aware of the implications for parents and we want to take the right decision taking into account all the risk factors.  We have to consider whether we will have enough staff to run the school safely.  Staff tend to live further away than the children.  If we could all walk to school then the decision might be different.  Of course we also have to ensure that everyone can also get home safely too.


We have carefully considered the weather forecast (and it can be wrong and be unpredictable), and looked at what other local schools are doing to help parents with siblings.  It is important for parents that we take the decision as early as possible and stick to it.  Parents may need to make childcare arrangements and no one likes indecision.


We may get it wrong but we really do take the decision seriously and in good faith.


Yours sincerely


Emma Walford